About the Original Thought For The Day


For as long as I can remember I have been collecting ‘motivational’ tidbits of information. I remember back as far as the 8th grade collecting many ‘Confucius says’ sayings and others that were humorous. Most everything collected then was of a humorous nature.

As I got older I seemed to collect and write down things that have since had a profound effect on my life. I have found them everywhere! In seminars I attended I have written down many tidbits of valuable information. Some employers would pass around booklets of ‘sayings’ and I would write down ones that impressed me. I get inspiration from music and television. I even got motivation from a beer commercial. Many times I would just scribble them on little scraps of paper and put them in desk drawers. 

As the computer age got to me I started putting them in my computers. At times I would find stacks of these little slips of paper and have a marathon session to get them digitized. It sure is a lot easier to find something in a computer file versus a couple desk or dresser drawers. Of course, I still uncover little scraps of paper that have been in seclusion for many years – onto the computer they go. I have even come up with some good ones on my own!!!

I would find ones that interested me and format them attractively on a sheet of paper and make copies for co-workers or to hang around my desk/cubicle. At one time I had most of a wall behind my desk in my home office covered with colorful/meaningful 8 ½ x 11 pieces of paper. It was fun to watch people come and go from the house as they looked in my office on the way in or out and looked at them. Many comments were made. People have mentioned them to me years later, “I remember you had that on the wall behind your desk!”

I have used many of these as inspiration and material for speaking engagements. Once, I had people pick a random number as they walked in. I summarized their ‘choices’ by number and spoke on the ones that they had scientifically chosen for me to speak on.

A few years ago I felt that it was selfish of me to keep all this motivation, inspiration, persuasion, humor, and comfort to myself. I started sending out a “thought for the day” via email to friends and family. I figure that they are as busy as I am so the ‘thoughts’ are normally just one liners. I know when I receive something that is a page or two long, no matter how great it might be, I probably will not read it. So I try to keep mine short. My ‘distribution list’ has grown substantially and continues growing today.

I become motivated and inspired as I put together my ‘thought for the day’ several times each week. I might go through 20 or 30 to find just the ‘right one’ for that day. In trying to provide something of value for those who invest their time to read my ‘thoughts,’ I gain so much through the preparation and research.

However, I receive much more. Many, many times I will receive an email reply that the message that day was timed perfectly for that person who is responding to me – it was just what they needed. The one that really touched me was from a friend in Northern California who is suffering from a very rare physical condition. I was unaware of the severity of what was going on. The email reply to me was as follows: “I don't know if you realize how much impact your thought for the day makes in my life. Strangely enough, each one of your thoughts seems so applicable to what is happening in my life. Many times, it is the single thing that brings a smile to my face, a kick in my rear, or a tenderness that I so desperately needed. Thank you and God bless you for sharing your thought for the day with Me!”

I try to remember who spoke the gems that I have kept. Sometimes people are quoting other authors. Many of these thoughts are from the most prolific writers of modern history – ‘anonymous’ and ‘unknown.’ Actually, sometimes, I don’t even give credit to those two. If I do not have a source for a specific quote, I will try to research it to give credit where credit is due. If, by chance, I inadvertently do not give that credit, I am humbly sorry.

I hope that what is here will inspire you, will motivate you, will persuade you, will comfort you, will make you laugh, will make you cry, will make you think, will make you smile, will make you learn, will make you reflect and will make you act. Maybe even give you a needed kick in the rear.

Tom O. States